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Introduction to our practice

Do you want to Feel better, Improve Relationships, Be Better for Yourself, or Learn to Handle Life’s Challenges better? If you answered yes, then FaithNProgress Psychological Services, PLLC, is for you. We offer a space where Christianity is celebrated!!! The struggles of ethnic minorities are validated and supported.




1627 K Street Northwest, 4th Floor, Washington, District of Columbia 20006, United States




What is Psychological Assessment?   

Psychological Assessment utilizes standardized measures to understand how variables such as personality, intelligence, or emotional functioning impact overall functioning.

What is Psychotherapy?

Basically, it's the applied study of the mind and behavior to understand and treat problems stemming from cognitive, emotional, and psychological difficulties.

Do you treat children and/or adults?

The office treats only ADULTS with regard to Psychotherapy. While psychological assessment is provided for both children and adults.
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